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Grand Prairie, Tx

Welcome to Stray Katz Corsets, where you will find high quality corsets, steel-boned waist-trainers, leather products, and specialty items all for an amazing price.




All high quality products at a price that won’t break the bank!!

Nothing on the site is over $75 on our site and because we believe good quality and looking downright sexy should not have to put you in the poor house. We work with directly manufacturers in various countries to bring you the best products at a terrific price. For international customers we offer a great deal on international shipping. 

Sizing Info

Products & Sizing Info

How to find your correct corset size yourself: 

  1. Take your waist measurement in inches at the smallest place, just above the navel, with seamstress tape or a string and ruler. This is your natural waist size.
  2. Subtract 4 inches from this number. This is your "ideal" corset size. However, because not all corsets are measured on the same scale, your exact size need may not be available. Choose the corset size that is closest to your ideal number.

Example. If your natural waist measures 34 inches, your ideal corset size will be 30 inches. This allows you to reduce your waist 2 inches, while maintaining a small gap in the back for adjustments.

To make the sizing more accurate, you can measure your bust (just below the breasts) as well as hips and take these numbers into consideration as well. This is mostly necessary if there is a large difference between the circumference of your waist and the hips/bust. We always offer free, no-purchase-necessary personal fittings so that your corset order is most accurate. 

*NOTE* Please remember, there are many things to consider when fitting and choosing a corset, and these are just the basics. Sizing off the rack corsets is not always 100% accurate and various brands size their items differently. If you ae worried about accuracy of sizing, please feel free to contact us at to set up an appointment for a fitting or for a free online consultation.

Daisy Top Drawer Corset Size Chart

iGlam USA Corset Size Chart

Daisy Basics Corsets Size Chart